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'Wellington Contour' 2-in-1 Bridle

'Wellington Contour' 2-in-1 Bridle

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The most sensitive area behind the horse's ear, the atlas…
The atlas is where the nuchal ligament attaches which is responsible for the whole chain of movements of the back. Additionally, here the head joins with the cervical spine, with the foramen magnum connecting the brain with the medulla. Too much pressure here can cause an inflammation of the nuchal ligament's onset, causing the horse to be in pain.
The Barefoot Bridle Contour is formed in such a way, that it spares the atlas, avoiding the application of any pressure. The browband and the noseband are shaped anatomically as well: The noseband is shaped upwards along the bridge of nose so breathing is not restricted.
2-in-1: The bridle can be used with or without a snaffle bit. The cheek piece can easily be removed or attached thanks to a Chicago-screw.
The brow-band as well as poll- and nose-band are padded softly completely, including the area of buckles and around the ears.

A flash noseband has been omitted completely as we consider them to be inhumane and unnecessary.  

  •    shaped headpiece takes pressure off the nuchal ligament attachment
  •    horse friendly shaped noseband and browband
  •    soft padding
  •    2-in-1: can be used with or without a bit
  •    completely padded chin area
  •    comes with carry bag

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