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Replacement Sheepskin Saddle Seats

Replacement Sheepskin Saddle Seats

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Our Replacement Sheepskin Saddle Seats are designed to fit perfectly onto our Barefoot® saddle models, providing a soft and cozy experience for riders. These durable seats feature a Velcro attachment to prevent slipping, and completely replace the traditional leather seat with a luxurious sheepskin one. Whether you have a sensitive seat or simply value extra comfort, our sheepskin seats are ideal for all riders. With excellent pressure absorption and temperature-regulating properties, they keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer while absorbing moisture. Available in sizes 1 and 2, with a uni-size option for the Nevada seat and color options of black for London and Cherokee saddles and natural for all others. Please note that the London seat model is suitable for Cherokee Classic and Nottingham saddle models, while the Madrid model includes integrated knee rolls. Please inquire for leather replacement seats on our PRO Line models.

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