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Long Lines 'Super-Grip'

Long Lines 'Super-Grip'

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  • For ground driving, and long-reining
  • Great for in-hand work and double lungeing
  • Super-Grip material Anti-Slip
  • Leather ends
  • Available in 6 or 8 meter lengths

Made of nylon with woven, rubberised super-grip material.

Ideal for ground driving.

The material is light, has great grip even in the rain, therefore no stoppers are required.

The material does not stretch.

There is a buckle (Leather) in the middle for opening and easier handling (e.g attaching to a surcingle).

Leather ends with buckles to attach to the bridle or cavesson.

Available in different lengths:
6m for ponies or small horses
8m for larger or very wide horses

colour: black

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