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Exchange Pommels with Handles

Exchange Pommels with Handles

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  • Secure hold
  • With wither clearance
  • Anatomically shaped handles
  • For beginner training and therapy
The handle is anatomically shaped and fits securely in both large and small hands. It can be used in any Barefoot saddle with a horn, or the Barefoot® lungeing/therapy girth. Simply determine the correct size with the help of the measuring template, open the front zip, replace the interchangeable pommel, close the zip again - done!
We recommend the HDR-grip for:

  • Riding training
  • Therapy
  • Jumpy horses
  • Insecure riders

See the size guide for measurement template.

Handle colour: black

Size: medium, wide, XXL
Note: not suitable for saddles in size X0 (Cheyenne Barry/Bellis/Lily, Arizona Barry/Bellis, Cheyenne DryTex Pony).
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