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Barefoot® 'Cheyenne' Dry Tex Saddle Pony

Barefoot® 'Cheyenne' Dry Tex Saddle Pony

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Pony saddle for children made of water repellant DryTex™ with a smooth texture, very easy to take care of, just clean with a wet sponge. These saddles, like all Barefoot´s, have a  panel system to protect the pony´s spine.
The saddle settles and seats the young rider safely while offering good stability. Beginners can hold on to the elevated front pommel. Since riders experience a good feel for the movement of the horse in all our Barefoot® saddles, novice riders progress quickly to develop an independent and balanced seat.
Colour matching fleece underside. 6 D-rings to attach the saddlepad, saddlebags, crupper, and breastplate if necessary.
The fiberglass insert (wide size) can be exchanged for a small soft insert.
• Flexible in all 3 directions
• Offers a secure seat
• Close contact seat will teach beginners to adjust to the horse´s movement
• Weight only4 kg

We recommend using the corresponding DryTex stirrup straps, as the edges of real leather straps may damage the material.

Seat size: XO

Colour: black or brown
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